Wednesday, November 28, 2012

User Analysis Results

Negative Input

  • The most consistent comment made by the testers of our site was one that said we needed to enlarge our content as most were having a difficult experience trying to read content.
    • This was due in most part to having to open the prototype in flash if I am not mistaken
    • That aside I think we should take that input into account and enlarge the text in our content boxes if possible
  • Several users suggested that the static social media buttons were wasting space and that we should include them on the about us page instead
    • I think a long static picture should occupy that space nicely
    • Testimonials could be another possibility for that space
  • The most important issue arose when the users were asked to find the price of a detection which we have under the about us tab at the moment.
    • Many users suggested that we place it under the services tab, I think that is the best choice as well
    • The social media links could be on the about us page to supplement the now empty space
    • A couple of users felt that the varment guard banner at the bottom of the about us page should be larger as well. (What do you think?)
  • A couple of people thought our bed bug info page content was lackluster
    • They suggested that we should put information about the life span of a bed bug, highlighting the amount of time they can survive without a blood supply
  • Three users suggested that we place the certification information under the about us tab

Positive Input

  • Nearly every participant in the study stated that they felt that our site prototype felt legitimate and professional, with one user suggesting a complete revamp (I consider him to be an outlier though)
  • Choice of font was well received
  • Color scheme was well received (again, that same outlier was the lone objector)
  • Users were able to find information on services using the service tag (service tag success)
  • The majority of participants said they wouldn’t change anything (besides the overall size)
  • It’s a good sign that the only consistent, major complaint was a technical error and not one that dealt with the design of our site.